Special Programs

Super Start Clinic

Sometimes, throughout life, we need a special stimulus to reach a certain goal. And this is no different with children.

During our years of experience with swimming lessons, we realized that some children needed special attention for different reasons. Some were due to unresolved trauma, which turned into difficulties in aquatic environments. Others, because they were ready to take a step forward, but they should follow the class, and this ended up discouraging them. With these issues in mind, Super Aqua has developed the Super Start Clinic, an intensive swimming program, ideal for children aged 2 to 12 years, who need:

1Reinforce water safety concepts for a specific trip

2Feel confident to join the appropriate swim class for their age group

3Overcoming traumas experienced in the water

4Improve existing skills

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Important information

  • Duration: 4 lessons of 30 minutes each, over a week.
  • Target audience: Children from 2 to 12 years old.
  • Objective: Developing water skills faster. Students per class: 1.
  • Students per class: 1.
  • Swimming pool: saline water treatment and heated to 90F.
  • Hours: by arrangement.

Water Aerobics

There is no age to become a super!


  • Class 1: Monday to Friday at 7:00 pm
  • Class 2: Monday to Thursday at 8:30 am

Water aerobics is a combination of aerobic exercise with swimming that provides several health benefits. It allows weight loss, muscle strengthening and improved blood circulation without overloading the joints and spine. Therefore, it is recommended for any age!

Here at Super Aqua, classes last 45 minutes and will be taught by specialized and attentive professionals, who will provide all the necessary support for our clients. The water is saline and maintained at a temperature of approximately 90F, guaranteeing a pleasant class from start to finish.

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