How it works

At Super Aqua we believe that children learn and develop faster when they are having fun. Our way of teaching swimming encompasses all aspects of a child's development: physical, social and emotional. Our methodology combines fun classes, water survival and swimming techniques, making children learn through games and songs.

You can start participating in swimming lessons from 4 months of age. Our curriculum provides a gentle introduction to the aquatic environment and self-rescue skills, preparing your child to swim independently and learn swimming techniques. Super Aqua also offers beginner classes for children aged 2 to 12 years old.

Each class lasts 30 minutes.

The number of students per class varies according to the level and age of the children. For levels:
Baby Fish I:  Up to 6 children per instructor
Baby Fish II and III:  Up to 2 children per instructor.
Super Turtle: up to 3 students per instructor.
Other levels: up to 4 students per instructor.

Our structure provides parents with an air-conditioned environment, with access to wi-fi and a perfect view of the swimming lessons. Parents are required to remain on site during swimming lessons.

Yes, we do offer make up classes. If you are going to miss a class, you will have to schedule your child's absence at least 4 hours in advance, through our portal or by phone/email. After your child has missed class, they will receive a “make up lesson” credited to their account. You can schedule a make up class in any class with available spots, and at the same level as your child. Make up class expire after 90 days.

Monthly fees and payments

You can enroll at any time by clicking on the “enroll now” button located at the top of this page, or you can also speak by phone with our customer service team.

Yes, there is an annual tuition fee of $30 per child and $60 per family. The fee is due each year on the anniversary date of the first enrollment.

The price varies according to the program, class and time chosen. Access our price sheet ​​here to find out how much the monthly fee costs for the chosen program.

Payments are made via automatic debit, credit or debit card. Payment is recurring and will be debited on the first day of each month.

To cancel your registration, Super Aqua requires 30 days' notice. The cancellation form must be delivered in person to our customer service team, or by email to [email protected], 30 days before the next payment is due.

Swim lessons

Super Aqua is a partner of SAI (Starfish Swimming Institute) and our curriculum is the result of a combination of the SAI methodology with our years of experience and our training in Physical Education. All classes are planned according to our pedagogical calendar and every week students are stimulated with diversified classes and new challenges.

The continuous practice of swim lessons brings several benefits such as: keeping children active, stimulating motor coordination, maintaining muscle memory, maintaining learning and continued progression.

As with all physical activity, the greater the stimulus and practice, the better the learning and the results will be achieved in a shorter period of time.   

Through our parent portal, you will be able to follow your child's development. Children are evaluated monthly and the results are posted on the portal.

Yes. We will do our best to accommodate the request. But it is necessary to take into consideration that the execution of the request will depend on the availability of spots and the instructor. All our instructors receive the same training, and are qualified to teach classes with the Super Aqua quality.

Our Facility

The Super Aqua Swim School uses a combination of UV and salinization systems to keep swimming pool water clean and free from microorganisms that can cause allergies, poisoning or other problems. UV pool disinfectants clean the pool almost completely without chemicals. Basically, they work as a germicide to get rid of unwanted microorganisms.

The UV light rays hit harmful bacteria and other microorganisms in the pool water, alter their DNA so they cannot reproduce, and then kill them. As we mentioned, we don't need to use a lot of chemicals, but we do need to use some. A UV disinfectant is not a 100% chemical free system. The UV systems still use some chemicals (usually chlorine) to control bacteria in the water that can take longer to get back into the filter. This is where the salinization system comes in.

Salinization uses salt (sodium chloride) which has chemical similarities to common chlorine and similar effects. In this process, the chlorine molecule is removed from the salt and, by electrolysis (passage of electric current produced by a specific motor, salt generator), the salt water naturally produces sodium hypochlorite.

We keep the temperature at 90F.

All instructors are certified by SAI (Starfish Swimming Institute). SAI is a nationally and internationally recognized swimming instruction program. Instructors receive theoretical and practical training and are periodically evaluated.

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