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Come have a super aquatic experience!

The Super Aqua Swim School has an innovative methodology that submerges into the children’s universe bringing technique, creativity and fun to the swim lessons. Elements necessary to make the aquatics experience an incredible learning moment.

At the Super Aqua we offer to the children tools that will help them to develop all of their swimming potential, and also stimulate their imagination creating pleasant memories associated with the aquatic environment. This is how we empower our children, so that they can combine fun and safety in the water.

Welcome to Super Swim School! 

Our facility

Our swimming school is located in the heart of Weston, FL, and offers a state-of-the-art facility that provides an ideal learning environment for swimmers of all ages and skill levels.

Safety First: Our indoor swimming pool comes equipped with a top of the line filtration and sanitation systems, including a combination of UV and salt systems, to ensure the safest possible swimming environment. Plus, with a glass view for parents to watch the classes, you can have peace of mind while your child learns to swim.

Comfortable Family-Friendly Space: At Super Aqua Swim School, we understand that comfort is key. That's why we provide a family-friendly changing area and a viewing area for parents with internet access. You can relax and unwind while your child learns and has fun.

Perfect Climate: We've got you covered in all seasons! Our facilities are fully air-conditioned, and the pool is heated to 90° F. So no matter what the weather is like outside, your child can enjoy a comfortable swim.

Creativity and Fun: Our swim school is all about bringing out the best in our children. We infuse lots of joy and color into our classes, making them fun and engaging for kids of all ages.

Your child will learn to swim while having a blast!

Super Aqua is a swimming school directly managed by a husband and wife team who are also swimming instructors. The atmosphere is family-friendly and welcoming, and our communication with you is direct and transparent. Make yourself at home!

Swim Levels

There are 7 learning levels, divided into 3 categories, so that the children feel completely welcomed, and are placed in classes compatible with their abilities.

Level 1 / Category 1

From 4 months old. The Baby fish category consists of the levels Baby fish I, II and II. The purpose of this level is to develop in children, in early childhood, a high level of comfort in the water while training adults in water safety and drowning prevention.

Super Baby Fish of Super Aqua

Level 2 / Category 2

From 3 years old. At this level we work with confidence and submersion. Before working on forward movement or floating, it is important to teach comfort when submerging in water.

Super turtle

Level 3 / Category 2

From 3 years old. At this level, we work on body position and air recovery. The benchmark for this level is a lifesaving skill that teaches a student who falls into the water to return to the surface, roll over, breathe, and float for at least five seconds.

Super Starfish

Level 4 / Category 2

From 3 years old. In this level we work with the forward movement in the water and change of direction. The benchmark for this level is a potential self-rescue skill.

Super Octopus

Level 5 / Category 2

From 3 years old. At this level we teach rotational movement and integrated movement for crawl and backstroke (introduction of Crawl and Backstroke techniques).

Super Dolphing

Level 6 / Category 3

For students who have completed the level Super Dolphin Swim School. At this level we work with Freestyle and backstroke techniques.

Super Stingray

Level 7 / Category 3

For students who have completed the level Super Stingray Swim School.  At this level we work with butterfly and breaststroke techniques, as well as endurance for Freestyle and backstroke.

Super Shark


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